Meet Pumpkin!  Along with Sunshine Tiki, she began podcasting in what would become the Zen Tiki Lounge way back in 2006.  Pumpkin is our resident vegan and green living guru.  Many times she has asked how we can improve upon cocktails and appetizers by making them lower calorie, free of animal products and generally "cleaner."  We may tend to refer to her as "uppity" but her opinions are always welcome in this tiki bar.  Although Pumpkin drops by the lounge less frequently these days she is always a happy sight when she is able to join us for cocktails, chit chat and shenanigans.  Listen to episodes 2 through 50 if you want to hear more Pumpkin in your ears.  

Favorite Drink: Yellowbird

Favorite Music: Anything you can wiggle to