Sand Pirate

The Sand Pirate served in our signature ZTL mug by PopTiki of Colorado.  

The Sand Pirate served in our signature ZTL mug by PopTiki of Colorado.  

1.5 ounces Sunshines Very Spicy Rum

2/3 ounce Citrus Rum (like Cruzan)

2 ounces fresh White Grapefruit Juice

1/2 ounce Habenero Lime Syrup (Monin)

1 drop Allspice Dram (optional, but adds a nice kick)

Shake everything with crushed ice and pour unstrained into your favorite tiki mug.  Garnish with lime segment and a pirate flag.  Try a little more of the habanero lime syrup if you really like the heat.  The right spiced rum is key to this drink.  Sunshines recipe is easy and you can make it at home with just 7 days notice.  Most spiced rums on the market have way TOO MUCH vanilla.  Finding fresh white grapefruit can be a challenge anywhere outside of the southern states.  Bottled is fine, but use fresh if you can get it.  Ruby Red will ruin this drink.  

We firmly believe that giving your drink a name that sounds inappropriate or dirty is great for sales and popularity.  The Sand Pirate might sound a little un PC, but it really references nothing other than the sandy color of the drink and the fact that spiced rum is a key component.  Pirates spiced their rum to cover up the poor quality and harsh flavor of early distilled sugar cane.  Today we spice our rum truly for flavor, but it certainly isn't needed to cover up anything.  There are literally hundreds of rums on the market that deserve to be sipped alone.  You may have dreams of roaming the 7 seas on a pirate ship, but don't say we didn't warn you that the rum of the day was HORRIBLE!

Originally served at Tiki Caliente 3, this concoction was a hit with almost everyone.  Sunshine Tiki had recently perfected his Very Spicy Rum infusion recipe and needed another drink to use it in.  Grapefruit (white, fresh squeezed) is a favorite of Starshine Tiki, so we threw that in as well.  The Habenero Lime syrup was picked up at the Los Angeles food show as a sample and just had to be used in a cocktail.  Monin doesn't sponsor the podcast but it is our preferred syrup when we can't make our own.  They have the best flavors and use the best ingredients.  

Try this one in a punch bowl as well and let your guests serve themselves.  Float lime wheels and grapefruit segments in the bowl along with a large ice cube made in a circular cake pan like a bundt pan.  Cheers!